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We hate waiting. Especially when it comes to our health. So we created check-ER!

Long waiting times in Emergency Rooms is a common issue across the globe. This problem has been increasing since a decade and a lot of research has been made to address this issue. Given the decrease in General Practitioners and increase in patient population with limited healthcare resources, the problem continues to grow.

Majority of the common issues Emergency Rooms face are a result of overcrowding such as long patient waiting times, delays in clinical treatments, negative clinical outcomes, higher complication and mortality rates, low quality of care and low patient satisfaction. The scale and complexity of the issue along with the possibility of improving the way patients interact with Emergency Rooms is what truly excites.

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Our Partners

Merck Accelerator
Program, Darmstadt Germany
We were selected among 200 digital healthcare companies for
the 2016 intake. We are proud to have an on-going partnership with Merck KGgA.
Elsan Group, Paris France
Elsan is the second-largest private hospital chain in France with 80 hospitals. They are our first partner where we currently pilot test our product. 

Meet the Team Behind check-ER

Leon Hulli, CEO

Leon is bringing his diverse experience in healthcare industry that he gained while working as a consultant at IMS Health. He is an avid digital health enthusiast and truly believes the power of technology to improve patients’ quality of care and satisfaction. In his free time, he likes to play chess.  

Rachel Bodkier, COO

Growing up in a hospital setting thanks to her family business, after working for 10 years at Rothschild Bank in Paris, Rachel decided to follow her dream in making an impact on patients’ lives. In her free time, she voluntarily helps kids in rehabilitation center in France.  She is also an active member of the Edward and Eva Underwood Foundation giving scholarships to students who are in need. 

Barak Liato, CTO

Barak was working most recently at one of the leading
healthcare software companies in the world, iMD Soft. He wanted to have a more
direct impact on patients’ lives; therefore he joined check-ER. His hobby is to
paint and go to the gym.

Kemal Kamiloglu, Head of Design

Kemal is a user experience designer previously worked on dozens of projects for multi-billion dollar companies including major banks, airlines, telcos, utility supplier and governments. He's passionate to provide the best digital experience possible in the emergency room setting.

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